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OEM Compatible Transceivers
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OEM Optic

The industry’s leading supplier of OEM compatible optical transceivers.

Our mission is to provide our customers the lowest pricing, best service and highest quality optical transceivers in the global networking market.

The fiber-optic networking landscape today is littered with 3rd party transceiver companies. OEM Optic was one of the first companies to design and distribute OEM Compatible transceivers here in the USA.  We now design and distribute compatible transceiver solutions for every switch brand available. We offer free same day shipping on over 2800 different brand compatible part numbers.

Trying to navigate the interoperability of all these brands can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily, OEM Optic is here 24/7 to help guide you through the maze of transceiver footprints, hardware specifications and compatibility options.

Unlike other competitors in the compatible transceiver market, we at OEM Optic refuse to import pre-coded transceivers leaving performance and reliability in the hands of our suppliers. OEM Optic transceivers are manufactured with the highest quality components available and meticulously tested to ensure 100% functionality.  OEM Optic transceivers come equipped with the latest brand-specific firmware to insure 100% switch compatibility. All firmware is designed and applied in house to ensure the most up to date revisions are accounted for. OEM Optic’s test lab is fully equipped with multiple switch platforms for each and every compatible brand that we offer.  This is the only way to truly ensure that our products are 100% compatible.