Alternative Optics

The Industry’s Leading Supplier of OEM Compatible Optical Transceivers.

Our Mission:

Our mission is provide our customers the lowest pricing, best service and highest quality optical transceivers in the global networking market.

Our Values:

OEM Optic, Inc. stands behind the products we sell and the commitments we make to our vendors and customers. We pledge to be honest in our dealings, to live up to our promises, and to be accountable for our actions.

We have a state of the art Quality Control Facility. We inspect and test all raw components (Lasers, PCB, Memory and SPD) prior to having them assembled. Once assembled the finished product is inspected, tested, and assigned an application specific SPD program. Products are then shipped in secure anti-static trays.

OEM Optic, Inc. has cultivated relationships with various suppliers around the world to ensure that the components we purchase are the highest quality and obtained at the lowest cost. In turn, OEM Optic, Inc. is able to provide its customers with great value for their money, permitting them to win more business and maintain a healthy profit margin.

Account executives here at OEM Optic, Inc. take personal responsibility for the customers whose relationships they manage. They pledge to execute on their commitments and deliver value into each and every relationship.

The people at OEM Optic, Inc. are passionately dedicated to our mission, our customers, and our products. We are also dedicated to maintaining a sense of community, friendship, and fun within our organization. We all strive to promote a healthy balance among work, recreation, friends and family.